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Hello Livejournal!!!!
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I remember my login password to LJ!!!
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Seriously. I'm super proud of the Ultimate Frisbee team's performance last night. I'm beaming. Really. Just beaming.
Sure, we were playing teams that haven't won a single game the past 2 weeks. But it was the means in which we one. It was pedal to the metal all the way. Everyone was playing tight defense, showed great hussle.
It was beautiful to watch and enjoy.

The throws that was going on... HOLY!!!
John bent a pass from out of bounds back in bounds and right into Sunil's hands. Rox shot a rocket through the smallest of windows. Vince launched a moonshot like 50 yards.

The defense was insane too!!!
Our girls are just monster defenders. Blocking pathways to the disc. Smacking down passes. Forcing bad throws. Shoots.

And the catches. Oh the catches.
I swear the ladies prefer to catch on the run rather than having planted feet. Sure there wasn't any of our trademark diving catches from Line 2. But whatever. We got the job done.

Disc in a Box rocks!!!
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Heavy D - "Now that we found love"

I've been humming it to myself for the past couple of days.
So yesterday I downloaded it and put it on my iPod.

Today, I was sifting through my archived LJ posts and read a one rom 2 years ago. Music I was listening to at the moment:

Heavy D - "Now that we found love"

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Well that's that. Officially, 41st place.
Total time. 83 minutes.
I'm not that jazzed with the result.
But then again, I expected it with my rather lack lustre training.

The only good that I can see is that I came first for my heat.
But then again, my heat was filled with the rather aged or overweight competitors. So that kinda dulls that silver lining.

I knew I'd totally suck for the swim. I did.
500m was tough. By the 300m point I just wanted to give up.
By 400m I really thought my arms would fall out of their sockets.
The bike ride was rather smooth. It wasn't my bike. But it was better than the one that I trained with.
The run I felt was weak. But it was again my saving grace.

Personal goal - Under 77 minutes

Well, there's always next year.
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When I work from home. I strum.
When I'm writing in LJ. I pick.
When I can't sleep. I practice.

If I could jog and play, I would.
If I could sleep and play, I would.
If I could play all day, I would.

Last week, I left my guitar at the Grand and then at Portia's house.
I felt like I lost my arm.
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500m. 15km. 5km.
Over and over again.
Rain. Still Train.
Sun. Still Train.
Night. Still Train
The body is willing.
But the mind is getting lazy.
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5 years ago I got a nice hat. I really liked it. It was unique. It was cool. I wore it everyday. During a squash session, I hung it on the hook of a locker and forgot about it. By the time I realized that I left my hat behind, someone had already occupied the locker. The following day, I looked through the lost and found for my hat to no avail. My hat was lost forever and I was sad.
On Saturday. History repeated itself. EXACTLY LIKE 5 YEARS ago... what are the fricken odds.
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Today at work during my regular morning "constitutional" I had a choice of any of the 3 stalls. For some odd reason, I selected the stall directly beside the urinals. Normally I like the feeling of the middle stall. It's smaller space feels a little more cozy. More homey.

As I sat and... well y'know. Someone walked into the washroom. So as part of my natural restroom etiquette training I gave the customary cough. Just to let the other person be aware that he wasn't alone.

So I was back to "meditating" when all of a sudden I felt something brush my foot.I looked down and saw the foot of the person using the urinal beside me move away. So I thought, "Was that a mistake? Did that guy rub his foot against mine by accident?"

So dismissing it as a freak accident, I continued with what I was focussed on when all of a sudden

"Amir? Amir? Why don't you answer me?"

So I think to myself. "A buh??? Ok. This is kinda weird. Maybe if I use the passive agressive approach, he'll realize that he's got the wrong guy."

So I remained silent.

"Amir? Amir? What's wrong? Are you giving me the silent treatment? Don't you know what happens to everyone that gives me the silent treatment?"

Hmmm... I have to admit, my curiousity was a bit piqued.
So I remained silent.

"I'm going to eat you!!!"

WTF??? Fearing that this guy was going to peek over the stall. I quickly retorted, but in a deep and rough sounding voice, just to intimdate the guy of course.
"Guy. I'm not Amir."

And suddenly the urinal occupant left.Just zipped up and left the restroom.
And all I could think was...

"Gross. He didn't even wash his hands"
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This past week has been the least eventful of my life for a long time. It feels like I reverted back to when I was a kid fresh out of the hospital due to hernia surgery.

Seriously, outside of my usual writing, drawing and composing I've been a hermit. The flu passed through and I didn't want anyone to catch my germs. Outside of some rather irritating sniffles, I'm feeling great. Appetite is back. Muscles no longer ache. And there isn't anymore nasty phlegmn-age occuring.

I've got all this hyperactivity stored up... I'm about to explode.
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