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If you could only see the smile on my face.

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Seriously. I'm super proud of the Ultimate Frisbee team's performance last night. I'm beaming. Really. Just beaming.
Sure, we were playing teams that haven't won a single game the past 2 weeks. But it was the means in which we one. It was pedal to the metal all the way. Everyone was playing tight defense, showed great hussle.
It was beautiful to watch and enjoy.

The throws that was going on... HOLY!!!
John bent a pass from out of bounds back in bounds and right into Sunil's hands. Rox shot a rocket through the smallest of windows. Vince launched a moonshot like 50 yards.

The defense was insane too!!!
Our girls are just monster defenders. Blocking pathways to the disc. Smacking down passes. Forcing bad throws. Shoots.

And the catches. Oh the catches.
I swear the ladies prefer to catch on the run rather than having planted feet. Sure there wasn't any of our trademark diving catches from Line 2. But whatever. We got the job done.

Disc in a Box rocks!!!
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