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The World from the Eyes of a Scoundral

You're lucky I'm not Telepathic

27 October
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I'm training to become world class ninja.
I'm also a practicing Pirate. ARRRRRR

I live my life with 3 simple rules.
1. Help your Family and Friends First, then you worry about yourself
2. Raise the world to your level, Don't let the world drag you down
3. The only person who's opinion that matters is the person who stares at you in the mirror

The forecast for tonight : Dark

Music is my get away from my stressful life

I'm usually 3 places during the week. Home, Work, or the Gym. But watch out for me on weekends.

I'm totally obsessed with my name. Not because I'm selfish, just because I have a rare name. Unless I lived in a muslim country, but I don't so NYAH