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The · World · from · the · Eyes · of · a · Scoundral

You're lucky I'm not Telepathic

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I know I've written it in the past. But I really hate being sick. But then again, who doesn't?

Friday. I came home from soccer practice and my throat felt like sandpaper. But just figuring it was due to my normal cheering/coaching at practice. I dismissed it.

Saturday. Played the early game at the soccerdome. It was kinda nice. When you're the first users of the facility, there isn't really that nasty smell wafting in the air. I guess that presents itself in the afternoon. FYI. We won.
Came home and had completely lost my voice. So I figured it was laryngitis. But as the evening progressed. My nasal passages began to clog up. And the incessant sneezing began.

Sunday.Voice returned. But the pain in joints began. And halfway through the day, the fever's hit, followed by the chills, and then more fevers.

I tried to resist it all weekend. Went to sleep at a reasonable time. Drank plenty of fluids. But it was all for nothing. I got the flu.

So now, I'm just lying in bed. Phoned in sick from work today. Took some extra strength tylenol to numb the pain. And the benylin I had earlier has me coughing out phlegm right and left. And with my faithful laptop closeby, I've got the entertainment factor ironed out.

For instance, I've been doing lots of research on another tattoo possibility. And I think I've found the perfect symbol. It's a variation of THIS Do you know what that symbol means? Perhaps you're too young to comprehend. The symbol was used by THIS GUY
Please tell me that you know who Snake Eyes is.

Anyways, the variation of that symbol I'm going to get is perfect. It's the symbol for the number 27. Which of course is my birthday... duh. And once you see it you'll say... of course. Presenting...

Don't ask me about where I'm putting it though. I'm still undecided. I'm a little weary to put it on my forearm like the Snake eyes and Storm Shadow. So wait and see.
The Shade of my Soul:
sick sick
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1 more payment to go on my gagantuan student loan. And then Freedom!!!!

You don't know how excited I am. How this cloud of misery and dismaywill be lifted in exactly 15 days. And I'll have an extra lump sum of money to either invest, save, or splurge with.

Don't get me wrong. Without my student loan I wouldn't have my degree. I wouldn't have my certifications. I wouldn't have my job. And I probably would have sold Patty. I think if you need to get a student loan, just map out how you'll make payments and think realistically and rationally. That was my err in judgement and I'm laughing at myself while I type this sentence.

Life is good..
The Shade of my Soul:
bouncy bouncy
Music on my Mind and in my ears:
Jason Mraz - Life is Wonderful
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The funniest SNL skit I've seen in recent memory

The Truth about Popular Music

A History in Dance
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After an enjoyable afternoon of squash, followed by another sweet workout at the University.
Bones and I went to Saigon Y2K for some dinner...

Now my theory is that it was the Salad Rolls. But I could be wrong.
Halfway though the meal I got a rather blinding headache and just figured that it was due to wearing my contacts. On the ride back to the university I started to heat up and get the sweats. And as we walked to pick up our gear at the Combatives room, I felt it necessary to walk outside for some fresh air.
Then it happened

So I wrote a poem to commemorate the moment:

Suddenly. Horribly. Disgustingly. Violently.
Burning tingling.
Curse the love for hot sauce.
It's only good going down.
Feel the burn. Feel my pain.
I puked.

Sufficed to say. I'm never going to eat at Saigon Y2K again.
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Dear Omar's Brain,

Stop sending the incorrect signal to my hands when typing. Today's date is January 26th. It is NOT September 8th as you continue to transmit. Please cease and desist.
Or I will be forced to cause you bodily harm by consuming several bottles of beer.

Also, can you please recall where you left my knee brace?

Your's Truly,

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* * *
is the Olympic Oval. It has been a number of years since I last did some training at the facility. And I have to say. I'm still impressed. Running at the oval is pure sweetness.
You never overheat, thanks to the ice.
There are 2 agility ladders on the track.
There are seperate lanes to perform various exercises and sprints.
There are various stairs to climb and descend.
And the best part???

When you're done training. You can go SKATING!!!
(If you're clever enough to hide your skates in your backpack...muah ha ha)

I love the OVAL

So yeah. I'm going to save up and make one of THESE my next Halloween Costume!!!
* * *
The reason why the Office is Cool ~> Jim is my new hero

The reason why Scrubs is cool ~> A scene from my Favorite Episode

The reason why the old Hercules Cartoon is cool ~> The greatest Cartoon Ever

The reason why I soccer is cool ~> I've gained a new respect for Zidane

Since I have the tendency to miss a lot of TV due to extra-curricular activities. THIS WEBSITE keeps me in the loop. Though I recommend resisting the urge to watch an entire season from 11pm till 5am. It'll ruin your productivity.
* * *
I've just performed step 1 of my NEW 5 year master plan.
This decision (should I get approval) will lay the foundation of the next plateau of my existence.
And everything I've gained & lost in the past 5 years, will just be another chapter to look back at and laugh.

Cross your fingers, and find that rabbits foot.
I need a lot of luck here.
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